Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

ATM Cleaning

Your ATM sees your customers more than you do. Make sure that your ATM represents your company image as well as your staff does. Our customers have found that asking existing janitorial staff or employees to maintain outside and off site equipment has been problematic from a quality and logistics standpoint. ATM Detailing can offer you a cleaning solution that is cost effective and consistently superior.

  • ATM cleaning entails the removal of dirt, grime, and black marks from cars
  • Cleaning and polishing of the ATM face and keys
  • Paint and tape residue removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Removal of unapproved signage
  • Washing of kiosks, huts, and bunkers
  • Waxing of automotive paint kiosks
Drive-Up Equipment Cleaning
ATM Detailing can clean all the equipment in your "drive-through lobby". The vast majority of your customer or member transactions take place while they are still in their car. The teller drawer, night drop, and remote tellers need to be clean and inviting for your professional image to carry through. We specialize in keeping this lobby as inviting as the inside one. Stainless steel is cleaned, remote screens are polished, pneumatic tubes are cleaned, and unauthorized signs are removed.
Drive Through Lane Cleaning
ATM Detailing specializes in power-washing your drive through lanes. The lanes are cleaned from approach to exit and edge to edge. The islands are cleaned, bollard posts are rinsed, all gum and debris is removed. The expansion joints are cleaned and the caulk is brightened. We use equipment specifically designed for this service. Not only do we use high temp and high pressure, we use a surface cleaning machine on the concrete that eliminates "zebra striping". We remove all build up of oil and we can apply a special oil-eating bio-enzyme to your oil stains. This can reduce or eliminate the stains.

ATM Detailing has experience with all types of units and locations: inside C-stores, airports, office buildings, drive-ups, and off site drive up kiosks. We work with our clients to create a service schedule that meets their needs and keeps the equipment always looking good. As part of this service, we provide you with feedback on the condition of your units and immediately escalate for your review anything unusual, such as damage and security issues.


Drive-Up Equipment

Lane Cleaning