ATM Painting & Refurbishing

Painting Service

ATM Detailing can paint your kiosk as part of rebranding or repair. We color match your custom paint color and use the highest quality exterior acrylic latex paint. If you prefer, we can use our custom color-matched urethane to give the kiosk a super hard and durable finish. We prep the surface and completely mask off the area to prevent overspray of posts, pillars, concrete, and surrounding equipment. No need to take your ATM completely out of service. We do all work on-site.

Rust Remediation Kiosk Refurbishment

Painted steel kiosks are prone to rust after several years of exposure to the elements. Rust typically begins around floor seams and bumpers, and around the turnstile and door. ATM Detailing offers a rust remediation and bodywork service in conjunction with our custom urethane application. This entails physically removing all loose rust and cleaning as part of the preparation. All bare steel and rusted areas then receive two coats of a special high performance rust-preventive coating. This dries rock-hard and has a non-porous finish that prevents rust from recurring on the outside by sealing out water and air. Then the entire kiosk is scuffed to promote adhesion of our custom urethane product that is color-matched to your specifications.

Before and After Gallery